Imec demonstrates SWIR hyperspectral imaging camera

Imec has developed its first shortwave infrared (SWIR) range hyperspectral imaging camera. It integrates CMOS-based spectral filters together with InGaAs-based imagers. For a number of years, semiconductor CMOS-based hyperspectral imaging filters, designed and manufactured by Imec, have been integrated monolithically onto silicon-based CMOS image sensors.

High-speed ultrasonic hyperspectral imaging camera

Imec has introduced its second generation, high-speed Snapscan hyperspectral imaging camera. This uses an ultrasonic speed piezo motor stage and innovative software to enable the acquisition of high-resolution, hyperspectral images in less than 200 ms. The Snapscan camera handles all scanning internally using the miniaturised ultrasonic piezo scanning stage, thereby avoiding the need for external scanning movement.