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IM Publications has been publishing Conference proceedings, edited books, journal special issues for over 25 years and more recently publishing Open Access free to read publications. Testimonials. Whatever your requirements we can help.

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We have published seven of the Proceedings from conferences organised by the International Council for Near Infrared Spectroscopy. The latest one being the Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Near Infrared Spectroscopy.

Other Examples:

A collection of papers from the XIII International Conference on the Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science. The collection is published online only and all papers are Open Access and easily citable via their unique Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

The Proceedings of the 7th World Conference on Sampling and Blending in both print and online versions.

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We can advise you on the options for publishing the proceedings of your conference and take over all aspects of publication.

As publishers of scientific books and journals for over 25 years, we have the experience to ensure prompt and accurate publication and offer the all-important personal touch.

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