Pages 115–170 from the book:

A Handbook of Derivatives for Mass Spectrometry

ISBN: 978-1-906715-15-1

Chapter 5. Specific derivatisation of monofunctional compounds

Chapter Summary: Some specific chemical methods have been applied in mass spectrometry in order to enhance the volatility, thermal and catalytic stability as well as to improve gas chromatographic properties of the analytes. However, the majority of such methods were developed to increase the structural information content of the spectra or to enhance the sensitivity of the particular mass spectrometric method. Generally, elucidation of the structure of organic compounds includes the determination of molecular mass, the nature and number of functional groups, the character of the backbone skeleton and, if possible, the spatial structure. If such data are not available from direct mass spectrometric investigation, there is a possibility that they can be deduced by using preliminary chemical or physical–chemical modification, followed by mass spectrometric analysis of the products.