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Introduction to Theory and Practice of Sampling

The hugely successful book Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling by Kim Esbensen, the Sampling Column editor in Spectroscopy Europe and World magazine, is now available as an ebook.

Photo of Daitaro Ishikawa

We are delighted to welcome Daitaro Ishikawa to the Editorial Advisory Board of JSI–Journal of Spectral Imaging.

Capturing vegetation health and location to better detect encroachment on a railway.

Headwall BVBA, Belgium and geo-konzept of Germany have announced the formation of a Centre for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Europe (CHRSE).

Image of the underdrawing from Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Virgin of the Rocks”

XRF mapping, infrared and hyperspectral imaging reveal early designs for Leonardo da Vinci’s The Virgin of the Rocks.

Over 1,000 chapters from ICNIRS conference proceedings are now freely available.

Photo of the hyperspectral array sensors

A new hyperspectral graphene photodetector is being launched at Laser World of Photonics (24–27 June) by Emberion. The linear array will be available at a lower cost than existing InGaAs infrared sensors.

Photo José Manuel Amigo

The winner of the 2019 Tomas Hirschfeld Award is JSI Editorial Board Member José Manuel Amigo Rubio.

Drawing of the inside of a carbon nanotube.

A robust protocol for nanoscale chemical imaging using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) has been developed.

Photo of the light AutoDet imaging system.

A real-time hyperspectral imaging technique can identify dirt and bacteria on surfaces leading to informed decisions as to when and how much to clean.

Photo of coral (Montipora digitata) displaying bright green fluorescence

The bleaching of corals is an indication of their poor health due to the stress of increased water temperature and other factors. A cost-effective solution to monitor coral health, based on a fluorescence hyperspectral camera mounted on an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), is being developed by scientists at the University of Bristol, UK, and Sealife London Aquarium.